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Eighth night.

Sky High
The sequel to Birds
Rating: NC-17?

“You were... you were kidding back there, right?”

Warren slumped down in the bus seat next to his best friend, and just arched a single brow. “Kidding? What about?”

Will swallowed, trying to be casual about this, despite the fact that he had to wipe his palms on his jeans several times. “Well, what you told the nurse. I mean, you did a great job of getting us out of there, man, if I had to listen to a lecture about the birds...”

“And the bees?” Zach grinned, turning around in his seat, and leaning over to look at them. “My dad gave me that talk like, ages ago. I’m an expert.”

“No, just the birds,” Warren shook his head. “She decided to call Stronghold and I in to discuss the mechanics of gay sex.”

“Oh.” Zach blinked. “Oh. Not.... an expert on that.”

Will buried his face in his hands. “Not gay, so I don’t know why you’re discussing this anyway! We’re not going to talk about this!”

“Have to,” Warren said, crossing his arms. “Promised the nurse we would, that’s the only reason we got out of there. So suck it up, Stronghold. Deal with it.”

Will started thunking his head dully against the back of his seat. “You are never going to let this go, are you?” he moaned.

“Nope.” Warren smirked. “So. You know the basic mechanics of not gay sex, right?”

“Yes,” Will muttered, firmly not looking at him.

“All right. So. Girls and guys are built differently, obviously,” Warren nodded. “First off, lack of breasts does not mean you shouldn’t pay attention to nipples - they’re still a turn on.”

Will said nothing, but his eyes were squeezed very firmly tight, and he seemed to be muttering a litany of ‘whywhywhy?’ under his breath.

“Now.” Warren smirked a little, and poked Will in the leg. “You listening?”

“Yes,” Will hissed through his teeth.

“Good. Now, kissing and everything - the same between two men as it is with two women, or a man and a woman. No differences there. Men can give each other blowjobs the same as a woman can give a man, though 69s are a hell of a lot more fun when they’re both guys.”

Will let out a chocked sound, refusing to open his eyes.

“Now, there are some things that are definitely different,” Warren nodded. “In those, you have a dom, and a sub. A seme and an uke. A dominant and a submissive. Top and a bottom. Unlike men and women, both of the partners in gay sex have the same parts, right? So one has to top. Any of this sinking in, Stronghold?”

“Why are you doing this to me?” Will protested softly.

“Promised I would,” Warren grinned. “All right, for the sake of absolute simplicity, we’re just going to say you and I, it’ll make it easier. So look. You and I. We’re having sex. Or planning on it, anyways.”

“What?!” Will squeaked, opening his eyes to look at Warren now.

“It’s rhetorical. It’s not really you and I, we’re just calling them that to make it make sense.” Warren said, looking at him stoicly. “So. You and I, we’re in... your bed. We’ve been making out for awhile, because that’s generally the way things go, and by now, I’ve managed to get you entirely out of your ridiculously bright coloured and over-sized clothes, and gotten out of mine too, cause generally at this point, the less clothes, the better. So we’re naked, we’re sitting on your bed, and we’ve gotten hot and bothered and very interested. You do know the physiological changes that occur when a man gets an erection, right?”

“Yes!” Will hissed, looking very red faced and horrified.

“Good. So. We’re both very much interested, but you, of course, have never done this before. So I slide you back on the pillows until you’re lying on your back. It’s good to be comfortable for this part. I then start to give you a blow job, because that’ll loosen you up. Are you listening, Stronghold?”

Will nodded mutely, eyes very wide, face very red.

Warren nodded. “So I start to blow you. It’s difficult to describe without actually experiencing it, but suffice it to say that licking is good, as is suction and deep throating, and if you’re feeling adventurous, or, you know, you have an impervious partner, nibbling can be good, too.” He gave Will an appraising once-over. “There’d definitely be nibbling. So I start to loosen you up, and believe you me, by now you’ve got your fingers tangled in my hair, and you’re really panting, probably moaning, too. So I get the lube - and this is very important, KY is good - and I get my hand all greased up, because this is the first crucial step. As I deep throat you, I slide my index finger in your ass.”

“What?” Will meeped, eyes wide. His face was now as red as his t-shirt.

“Trust me, that’s your reaction at first, too. You kind of squirm, look a bit uncomfortable, but I swallow, and you forget all about the slight discomfort. Soon I’m able to move it in and out easily, so I slide a second finger in too. This isn’t as weird, because you’re already stretched a little.” Warren smirked, well aware of the fact that his audience had expanded beyond just Will. He was fairly sure that the bus was quiet enough that Ron Wilson, Bus Driver could hear them in the front despite the roar of the wind outside the windows, and the screams of the massive jet engines. “So I start to scissor with my two fingers, but I’m really looking for something else inside you. It’s a little bundle of nerves, and when I find it, I rub on it, and you scream.”

“Bad scream?” Will asked, a little breathless.

“Good scream,” Warren shook his head, eyes sparkling. “Very good scream. This little bundle of nerves is called the Prostrate, and it makes you feel like every nerve is on fire, and that the entire world has gone white. It’s like a mini-orgasm. It’s a good thing. I add a third finger now, but you’re so not paying attention anymore, because the three fingers moving in and out - it feels good, now. So good in fact, that when I pull them out all together, you whimper, because you don’t want them to be gone.”

Will swallowed.

“But it’s all right, and I kiss you, gentle, just to let you know that everything is all right, then I turn you on your stomach, and tuck a pillow under your hips.”

“Why?” Will asked, breathlessly.

“It’s easier, the first time,” Warren answered, honestly. “It can be kind of uncomfortable at first, and it makes it easier.”

“No.” Will shook his head. “Not if it was me. I’d want to see your face.”

Warren blinked. “Okay, then. So I don’t turn you over. But I’m impressed by your pluck, so I kiss you extra hard, spreading KY on my own erection while I do this, because trust me, if you really want to stay on your back, you’ll need all the lube you can get. Some people say you should use a condom for this, but if you’re in an exclusive relationship, and you’re clean, it’s all right. You can’t get pregnant, and since you’re a total virgin and clean, and I am also clean, there’s no STDs to worry about. Then I line myself up with your anus, and trust me, there’s no turning back after this. I ask if you’re ready, and you say....?” he held a hand out to Will.

“Yes,” Will breathed.

“So I start to slide in,” Warren said, calmly, wiping his own palms on his jeans surreptiously. “It’s going to be uncomfortable at first, I won’t lie. It’s something big going somewhere small. And you are a virgin of course, so you’re very very tight, but you would have been tight anyway, because I am not small. But I’ll tell you to relax, and once I’m all the way in, you will, just kind of boneless, feeling more full than you ever have in your life. Then, I’ll start to move, in and out, and since I’m a considerate lover, I’m making sure to hit your prostate as much as I can. You, meanwhile, you really like this, and you can feel the heat growing in your pelvic area.” Glancing around at the other silently listening kids, he turned back to Will, whose eyes were fixed almost unblinkingly at him. “You grab my arm, tight, and I know that with your stupid super-strength you’re going to leave bruises and I don’t even mind, and you hiss, ‘W’ren, I’m coming,’ and I tell you to come for me, kissing you, and you scream my name, arching off the bed, coming hard, coming fast, coming everywhere. And all your muscles clamp down, especially those inside, and I can’t handle that sweet tightness anymore, and I’m coming too, inside of you, and I’d even say your name, then, groaning out, ‘Will...’” he said in a breathy, soft tone, closing his eyes, tossing his head back in mimicry of his described actions.
There was hiss of brakes, then Ron Wilson, Bus Driver, cleared his throat, and called, “Layla? Will Stronghold? Your stop.”

“So?” Warren breathed, facing down his best friend. “Learn what you need to know?”

“No,” Will shook his head, standing.

“No?” Warren blinked. What?

Will tugged on Warren’s arm, making him stand, then started to drag him off the bus.
“No. I need a practical demonstration.”

Sky High
Will/Warren (NOT Warren/Will. understand? good. Change and DIE!)
Write me a get-together ficcy
Rating: PG

William Theodore Stronghold had a problem.

And specifically, that problem was Warren Peace.

No, it wasn’t their stupid rivalry from Freshman year - they were so both way over that. No, this was a bigger problem. His problem was that Warren was his best friend, and he wanted nothing more than to pin the other to the wall and kiss him silly.

Of course, he couldn’t do that, because Warren was a guy, and Will was a guy. Sure, there was a gay couple or two at his school, but his parents were famous, and already, he was showing up in tabloids every time he did something, because he was famous too, by proxy. Just last week, there had been a fuzzy picture of him flying, and the headlines had screamed, “Son of the Commander and Jetstream frees Los Angeles from Bat Boy!” Okay, the Bat Boy had been Photoshopped in, but the point was, that if he started to date Warren, the whole world would know, and that would be a detriment to the whole ‘don’t let dad know I’m gay’ plan. Besides that, he kind of hadn’t told his girlfriend yet that he was gay and had a big crush on his best friend.

So there you had it, problem.

Which made him realize that he needed a plan.

Will was never very good at plans. He tended to like letting his more clever friends come up with the plans, he was more a man of action, really. To be honest, Warren was usually the one who concocted the plans.

That would be a little awkward, wouldn’t it?

“Hey, Warren. I need to come up with a plan to get a date with you. What do you think I should do?”

Yeah. Right. So Will was forced to think this through for himself. And step number one was trying to gently let down Layla.

“Hey Layla,” Will grinned a little, nervously, as he sat on the bench beside her. “How are you?”

“Hmm?” Layla looked up, distracted from her Mad Science notes. “Oh, good. How are you?”

“Fine,” he muttered. “We need to talk.”

“Oh, thank god.” Layla clapped her book shut, turning to look at him. “Well?”

“I think we should... see other people,” Will said slowly.

“Yes.” she nodded firmly. “We should.”

He blinked. “You... aren’t mad?”

Layla smiled. “Will, you and I have been best friends forever. Well, since grade one. And I love you. Like a brother. I really thought I had a crush, but... it
didn’t work. We are so not dating material! I mean, hanging out with you is great. But when you start to add romance and stuff, it seems awkward. I’m glad we could try, but... I really think we need to expand our horizons.”

“Oh.” Will blinked again. A lot. “Well, that’s good.”

Layla grinned. “Did you have someone in mind?”

Will cleared his throat. “Maybe.”

Okay, step one... surprisingly easy to get to. Odd.

Step two! Tell his dad that he was gay. This one he was not looking forward to. At all. But really, he was a Stronghold! He could be tough! He could bite the bullet and get in there and tell his dad! And screw what his grandfather would have thought
of it!


“Will?” Stronghold Sr. grinned, waving his son over to the pool table where he was setting the balls up. “Come on over! We can play a game!”

“Actually dad,” Will stuck his hands in his pockets, rocking back and forth on his heels. “I need to talk to you.”

Steve blinked, turning to look at his son. “Well, sure, Will. You can tell me anything, you know that. So what’s troubling you?”

“Dad.... um... I’m....” Will stumbled over the words, trying to figure out how best to just say it.

“Yes? Just tell me, son. I’ll understand.”

“Dad....” Will swallowed. “I’m gay.”

Steve blinked. For several long moments, then he nodded. “I understand, Will.”

Will almost fell over. “You what?!”

“I understand,” Steve repeated, turning to break the balls. He watched them scatter across the green felt for a few moments, then turned back to his son, grinning. “It’s perfectly normal, you know. Your grandfather’s brother Randalph was gay too, you know. Course, he didn’t dare tell anyone, least of all your grandfather, so his lover dressed as a woman all the time. I always thought it was hilarious when he brought ‘her’ round for dinner.” He glanced back at his game, then at his son. “Sure you don’t want to play?”

Okay... two steps down. That was strangely easy, but Will wasn’t going to complain. Frankly, it was a bit of a relief. Ha, who was he kidding. It was a huge relief!

Step three then, and this was the hardest one. Telling Warren he liked him without getting barbequed. Well-done.

“Hey, Warren.”

Warren Peace barely glanced up from his novel. “Hey.”

“Whatcha reading?” Will asked, hands in his pockets again, as he settled on the retaining wall beside Warren.

Warren lifted the book a little so Will could see the cover, which he tilted his head sideways to read aloud, “Moby Dick. You know, I read a book that said that Ishmael and Quiquay...”

“Were gay lovers, yes,” Warren finished, returning his book to his lap. “And they were. It’s fairly obvious in the text.”

“Oh.” Will blinked. “And that doesn’t bother you?”

“Be a hypocritical of me, if it did,” Warren muttered.

Will took a moment to work through that, then perked up. Did Warren just practically admit to him he was gay? Gay, too?! As in, as well? As in... Will actually stood a little more than a snowball’s chance in hell?! “You know,” he spoke up, swallowing his nerves, trying very hard to sound casual. “Our school’s a bit like this book.”

Warren’s eyebrows rose at that, and he turned to look at him. “How’s that?”

“Well, we’ve got the maniacal insane captain, that’s Coach Boomer, and a ship, well a school, but wait, no, the school is the white whale, because everyone’s trying to get to it...”

“So we’re like Moby Dick because we ride the white whale,” Warren said. “You’ve got it a little mixed up, Stronghold.”

“Yeah,” Will agreed, frowning, then perked up. “But you’ve got tattoos, so you can be Quiquay!”

“Which would make you Ishmael,” Warren nodded.

Will swallowed. “Well, I mean, you remember that book I was telling you about? Well... call me Ishmael. Call you Quiquay.”

Warren turned to look at him, smirking. “Are you asking me out, Stronghold?”

Will smiled as strongly as he could. “Are you saying yes?”

Warren smirked, and slid closer, turning back to his book. His other hand, however, reached over to clasp Will’s, twining their fingers. “Would have been a waste of my time to tell Layla to leave you be, tell your dad not to freak out on you, and pre-warn the tabloids otherwise.”

Will blinked. For a very long moment, he could only gape at the smirking boy, then
yelped, “You pre-warned the tabloids?!”

Warren peered at him, surprised. “So?”

Will just smacked himself in the forehead. “I knew I forgot something!”
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