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Insane Drabble Babies

Midnight Drabble Fic Challenges

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We are Ace Hart and Sparrow S Hellcat. We have odd names. Our often silent cohort in drabbling is May Celeste.

Welcome to our insanity.

*insane drabble babies*?


It all started with writer's block.

One friend had writer's block, and her friend, being a wonderful and most brilliant person, suggested a challenge to help her get over it. Half an hour later, they were challenging each other, loving their stories, and demanding to have their *insane drabble babies*.

And such the site was born.

Welcome to *insane drabble babies*, where all our one-shot challenges were stored, where you can read, and where you can give reviews, if you feel nice. :D


These fics span the time from January 17th, 2006 to present time. There is at least two fics every night, one by each of us. (Except for through exam week and reading week <--- mental health break/overload.)

Every Fandom. Every Pairing. Every Type. Every Rating.

Members may respond to any challenge as well as post any challenge.

When posting, don't forget to put the fandom, pairing (if applicable and not a surprise), and rating (this is key) when posting before the LJ Cut (also key!)... law suits bad... very bad... *shifty eyes*

Write them at night. That's the rule. The only rule.

And spelling. Spelling is the only other rule... more important really. But night good.

Night brings out the crazies.